Import From Session

Ardour’s ability to import external media files remains essentially unchanged in version 3.0, but thanks to work by Sakari Bergen, an entirely new kind of import is now possible: importing specific material from another session.

Accessed via Session->Import From Session …, this process is driven via a dialog that allows to select an existing session file or snapshot (basically any file ending in “.ardour”). It then presents a list of elements that can be imported: Regions, Tracks, Playlists, Locations, and the tempo map.

the import-from-session dialog

You can select any, all or none of the elements to bring into the current session. Regions will end up in the region list. Tracks will appear as new tracks. Locations will be added to the relevant ruler bars and the locations dialog. Playlists will become available via track playlist selector buttons. The tempo map will replace the existing tempo map.

Note that at present, this feature is not working correctly, and it is possible (though not likely) that we may hide of the alpha release of 3.0. It will be back before a final release, however

This is a great idea. And thanks for all the updates on new features. Even if I had the time to test drive a pre-alpha release, I probably wouldn’t notice all these features. The constant display of new features not only gives us all something to read (and look forward to), it already gets me thinking of the things I could do with such tools, but which I may never have thought of if someone else didn’t implement it first. Ardour3 is quickly shaping up to be not only competitive to mainstream solutions like ProTools, it looks like it will have a far more advanced featureset!!!

Keep up the great work, I can’t wait for A3!