Import from other session

Hi, is it possible to import a track (with several audio clips) from another session wthout having to do stem export?

This is not possible at present. At one time, there was a development branch that allowed importing various different aspects of another session. It was abandoned, unfortunately, because the format of the Ardour session file at that time was changing too frequently. It has never been picked up by any developer(s) to get it working with the current state of things.

Thanks. I’m a Mixbus user and this tool is really important for me. When I’m doing some mixing jobs it is normal for the artist to send new vocal takes that have to be used in the session and should be edited with the normal session without having to glue them together in another DAW.

when the artist sends “new vocal takes” they will typically do so either as a stem or as a multichannel export. you just import them, not an ardour session.

I receive the takes in Protools Sessions or Reaper sessions that I open (if some organization is needed) and convert to Ardour Session using AATanslator because I really like to mix in MixBus. I would like to edit the “raw” takes in Mixbus too.

Sorry, as noted there’s currently no way to import part of (or even all of) another session into an existing Ardour session.