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I’m working with a remote drummer who uses Ableton as his recording software.

I’ve created a song at 71.4 BPM, sent it to him in Dropbox, he uploads it into his Ableton software and records a drum track side by side.

He sends me the drum track as a wav file in Dropbox and I load it in Ardour 6.

His track comes in around 68 BPM.

Can Ardour stretch his track to seem to slow it from 71.4 down to 68?

It can, though you will need to judge the results yourself. Use the TimeStretch tool (Shortcut t)

It might be worth tracking down why your drummer seems to be playing at a different tempo.
Did you send the song file as a wav or other audio format?
Did you ask if the drummer is intentionally changing the tempo for some reason? I don’t think any normal audio playback software would change the playback speed by 5% without an intentional setting change.

yes it’s bizarre.

Did an experiment last night…created a short 60 second track at 100 BPM, sent it to him as a wav…when he imported it into Ableton, he set his BPM at 100, but it came in at around 105.

This really sounds like a 44.1k vs 48k resample issue honestly. Are you both working at the same sample rate? Is there a difference if you are both working at 48k in particular?


ok, I’ll check that.

How do you change the sample rate in Ardour?

How do you change it in Ableton?

In Ardour you set the sample rate when you create the session, in the audio/midi setup dialog.

You can export and resample on export to change the sample rate of the export in that dialog as well.


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