Import cue/labels

A WAV file can contain a list of cue points in the “cue” section with labels in the “LIST” section, subsection “adtl”.
This information is returned by the libsndfile library, e.g. (not relevant lines omitted):

File : 180824-205159.WAV
Length : 5062032
fmt : 16
Format : 0x1 => WAVE_FORMAT_PCM
data : 5029120
cue : 76
Count : 3
Cue ID : 1 Pos : 315208 Chunk : data Chk Start : 0 Blk Start : 0 Offset : 315208
Cue ID : 2 Pos : 650376 Chunk : data Chk Start : 0 Blk Start : 0 Offset : 650376
Cue ID : 3 Pos : 922376 Chunk : data Chk Start : 0 Blk Start : 0 Offset : 922376
LIST : 52
labl : 1 : 01
labl : 2 : 02
labl : 3 : 03

Are there any plans for Ardour to import these cue points and turn them into (e.g.) location markers?

I think the situation greatly simplifies if you assume that there is only one “WAVE” with only one “data” chunk (this should always be the case, unless the file has a wave list chunk (I don’t know if Ardour / libsndfile handles this)). Then only the cue points that belong to this data chunk need to be taken into account.

See e.g. .

I think a bigger issue is that these cues are related to a single track, while Ardour only has labels for all tracks.

There are no plans to do this, because the semantics/meaning of cue data in .wav doesn’t seem very well defined (which means it isn’t always used for the same purpose). If you can point me to a document which suggests otherwise, I can consider it. Technically, there can be any number of chunks in a .wav file, of any type and name. ProTools, for example, creates several different kinds of chunks that are unique to it, and largely undefined outside of PT.