import *.cpr files into ARDOUR?

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thanks for this wonderful page. I’m thinking of installing ardour on my pc. Because I didn’t find any hints to my question, I wanna try it here. Sorry, if it’s maybe not welcome.

"Is it possible to import Cubase Files (SE, SX, etc.) [*.cpr} into ARDOUR? Is it possible to work within former Cubase Projects (including samples)?"

Simple, but important question.
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fUNNy hEAd

cubase files cannot be read in ardour. All you can hope to do is export tracks into standard broadcast .wav files, and import those into a new ardour project. If you do it right it will preserve the relative time positions between different tracks. You would have to re-do all the rest, like slider automation.

The practise of using a proprietary file format deliberately to make it hard for people to move to a competing software product is known as "vendor lock-in".

There is a bit of software to automate exporting all tracks from a Cubase project…

However, it’s a bit of a hack as it works by running at the same time as cubase, taking a screen shot, and generating keyboard shortcut commands.
You also have to pay £20 for it, and it’s still a ‘dumb’ export so you need to flatten the mixer and turn off insert effects etc.
The joys of proprietary software. :slight_smile:

I normally just solo and export each track by hand, like Seb said.

I think there is a somewhat faster way by generating a small piece of audio before the start of each track, and doing bounce together/consolidate/conform (in pool) and save to new project. I can’t remember exactly what I did to get that working though, and definitely recommend working on a backup copy!

google for “proconvert” (formerly “cui bono”). eventually, this will support ardour too. audio only, though. no automation, no plugins etc.

There is a tutorial video on how to export all tracks in Cubase, but it’s only in german: