Import audio WITHOUT resampling

Hello everyone! This may be a funny question:

I’m working on a project in Ardour with a sample rate of 48000 hz, and I’d like to import some voice recordings at 44100 hz.

Here’s the thing: When ardour plays the 44100 hz audio at 48000 hz when previewing, it sounds perfect! It’s exactly the pitch/time shift I want. But when I import it, it resamples the audio to the “correct” original pitch- which is what I would normally want, but not this time. I’d do a pitch/time shift effect on it, but those give me artifacts.

How can I import the audio so that Ardour DOESN’T correct the different sample rate? Better yet, is there a process in audacity or some other free program for linux that would do the same thing prior to importing into Ardour?

Thanks in advance!

Going off memory you can do this by cheating the import dialog slightly…

Move the audio file into your session directory, you should probably create a folder under Interchange for this for the sake of consistency, but don’t use the default folder. The entnire reason for doing this is just so that when you move the session, you are moving the source file as well as you will see in a moment, we are going to tell Ardour specifically not to copy the file itself.

Open Ardour, Import from the new location, and tell it NOT to copy the file to the session(Checkbox in the lower right hand corner of the import dialog). This will create a hard link to the file, but Ardour shouldn’t resample it. It should effectively provide what you want I believe.


Ahh ok. The SN makes a difference;)


There are a couple of approaches:

  1. Use sox to do the pitch change (see the speed command). This gives you a speeded up file at 44100. Then import into ardour which will do the rate conversion (but the resulting audio will still be speeded up).

You could also use audacity to do the pitch change I imagine.

  1. Alternatively, bring the original file into ardour and use the timefx tool to speed up the audio.

Sorry-- It’s Sam (Rocketman)! We worked together on Jason’s 48hr film festival, and you’ve helped me out with audio in Linux before…

Uh yes…

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I did the speed command in Audacity and it worked pretty much the same way. Thanks!

@Seablade: Hey Thomas, is that you? That’s another pretty good method; I’ll have to try that next time.