implementing edits on a region

How can i implement an specific to only a region, but not the whole track? I have some reverbs from my plugins box, now this goes for all the track. Can i limit this reverb to only a piece of my track?

No, Ardour does not support per-region processing at this time.

You could bounce the region (with processing applied) although this would then “lock in” the reverb effect and not allow you to adjust it easily.

Using automation is one thing I’d try (I have used that technique to switch in and out some HPF EQ to remove background rumble in selected places); another approach might be to add a second track with a reverb feed, and move the regions you want with reverb to that track.

Obviously if you have lots of other processing on the first track, you’ll have to duplicate it on the second.

Thank you all. I am new to ardour, so could someone possibly give me a link to read about automation and how to do it, or maybe explain it?


Take a look at this, technically Mixbus but almost all of it will apply in Ardour as well…