image compositor socket

anyone has an update for this i am very interested since ardour is a DAW and if ever a video clip can be attached in ardour it is a bonus feature for us to edit or remaste/mixr any audio from the video…

It is a post-3.0 goal. Actually most of the work was done some time ago(IIRC there is a nice LAC talk on it by Robin form a year or two ago), but the feature set meant that it had best wait till after 3.0 is released and bugs from that ironed out.

In the meantime I highly recommend Jadeo, another of Robin’s projects, that works very nicely sync’d with Ardour via Jack.


Basic Video editing can be useful, assuming the audio can be locked to the video in time, just to retime things for cuts, edits, etc. made by animators, editors, etc. and given to you. A3 makes this much easier by allowing automation to be moved with regions, but I would love to see this go even farther by making automation regions themselves, and being able to lock them to the video etc, if basic editing support is enabled to allow me to fairly easily retime things.

But these are primarily very distant future dreams.


thanks for the feedback. never mind the video editing/effects who needs that on DAW anyway as long as we can insert(a closer to capturing a dv cam via firewire) a clip and i am almost perfect i guess. yo xjadeo i’m working on it right now looks fine though.