I'm not recognized as a subscriber


I’ve been subscriber for about six monthes (and very glad and proud of it) and regular user of Ardour on Linux and Mac for two years.
Thank you for this challenge !
Just one little problem with my profile : I think I had never logged in on this site before and I’m not recognized as a suscriber, so I can’'t download the full 2.8 MacOS version.
How can I fix it ?
Thanx for your answer.
Best wishes,


Hi mulot56 !

Paul wrote:

" If you are a subscriber but the download system does not recognize this, then please send me an email with: your paypal email address and your ardour.org user name, and I will manually connect your subscription with your user account. "

You must send Pauk an Email


Thank you very much, Kim, for the answer.

One last and stupid question : how do you send Paul an email ?


I think you can find Paul’s mail in the “Credits” link, at the bottom of each pages.

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