Im New


Just installed a new UbuntuStudio

I am trying do do a simple recording.

Have created 2 audio tracks.
I layed down guitar succesfully on one audio track…

On the 2nd audio track I tried to record vocals…

I recorded the vocals but the guitar from the first channel also re-recorded onto the vocal channel.

I have been looking for help topics on basic setups with no success.
I think I have clicked every option in the mixer section to try to ensure track one does not re record to track 2.

I get the feeling im may be missing something obvious, but I need that help chaps !

Did you hear the guitar through speakers when you sing, so the microphone hear it too ?

I used headphones from my PC headphone out.
The Mic is plugged into a mixer, mixer to a line in RCA on my sound card…
Playback was isolated from the Mic

There is also the issue that the capture selector of your audio interface may be set to include the “output” of the device, so that recording also captures whatever is played. Neither Ardour nor JACK attempts to change the configuration of the hardware mixer of the audio interface, so you need to check this using a tool designed for this. alsamixer runs in the terminal, gamix and qamix are two of several GUI equivalents.

can I upload screenshots ?

I have QasConfig, QasMixer & QasHctl


I have QasConfig, QasMixer & QasHctl


IEC958 Muliti Capture switch ???

IEC958 Playback Route = PCM out ??

Im looking as an almost infinate range of switches and config… dont really know where to start

Ok… Changed lots of things now…
Any way I can reset Ardour to a fresh config ?

Ardour doesn’t care about the settings on your hardware mixer. It doesn’t store them, look at them, use them … it doesn’t do anything with them. Changing them doesn’t require “resetting” Ardour in any way.

Yes, but im changing settings in Ardour as well.
Just want to go back to a normal setting for Ardour so I can start again.
Thing is… I don’t know what ‘normal’ is for Ardour.
Its one thing to suggest I look for things out of place in the Ardour config… but I dont know what normal should look like

Is there another Ardour support group ?

Removing ~/.config/ardour3 on Linux and ~/Library/Preferences/Ardour3 on OS X removes all non-session Ardour preferences.

You can find those videos useful to start with Ardour :