I'm new

I’m brand spanking new to this program. I have no sound when using ardour whether recording, playback, or monitoring. Software Monitoring is checked in the options menu and my inputs are getting a signal from my mixer. Someone please help an ignorant newbie.

Tell us what your sound setup is, especially what kind of sound card you have (or if you have built-in sound) and from there we can help you figure out how to enable Ardour to use that output (or how to unmute your speakers) whatever the problem may be. Is there any sound coming out of your speakers normally (eg. playing an audio cd)?

i’m using an Apple Powerbook (built in sound) with a M-audio (midiman) quattro USB interface. There is sound coming out of my speakers normally. Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m not really familiar with sound configuration on a mac, but are you using Jack? Make sure you start Jack, then Ardour, and then look at the connection manager under Jack to see if Ardour is connected to your main output.

ardour is connected to the system_1 playback

I guess what I should be asking is what connections should be made in jack to hear any sound?