I'm new, help!

So I’d like to give this DAW thing a shot, what is a good place to start?

I have some decent mics, playback setup and a mac mini with firewire 8.

I want to use the Ardour for projecty/fun things, nothing too serious, but I don’t want crap sound either.

What kind of A to D should I use? Does firewire matter vs usb?


Thanks in advance.

Do you already have an audio interface of some sort(By the way I am guessing you meant Firewire800)?


In which case I would probably look at picking up a firewire audio interface to handle AD/DA and getting audio into and out of your computer. You have many options on Mac and which one is best for you depends on many factors, like your budget and how many channels you need to record at once.


I have nothing for an audio interface. My computer has a firewire input and I’d like to use that (if possible).