I'm making my podcast in Ardour

Hi, I’m making podcasts in Ardour, my first podcast now has 13 episodes, the idea is that I translate English-language articles on the web into Japanese, the idea is that Japanese people can use it for studying English (and it’s also REALLY helping to improve my spoken Japanese)

(I didn’t make the music).

You can access it by searching “tensaimon” in a podcast app, or from my site:

I’m enjoying that one so much I’ve started working on a second podcast - this one will be another language learning show, this time showcasing the indigenous language of Okinawa. I’m just at the development stage of that one tho, so I don’t have anything to show for that one just yet…

thanks to the developers for Ardour, I’m still at the bottom of the learning curve but really enjoying using it, seems very stable (I don’t think it’s crashed on me once, which is amazing) and very powerful.