I'm looking for help setting up my Laptop for audio mixing.

Hello, so far I have a laptop running Ubuntu 10.4. At the moment I have an onboard realtek audio card (Miles behind my Asus Xonar DX on my desktop). This card is not support by ALSA, and thus does not work with Ardour. I was looking into different cards via Firewire and was wondering what some could recommend that would be compatible with Ardour. I have mics and a mixing board, so it would be nice if the card has a pre-amp, but it is not important as I can always buy a seperate pre amp. Thank you for any suggestions.


That is the page to go to for information on firewire audio device support in Linux.


@FearAsmodeus: i would be really suprised if your onboard realtek was not supported. Its crap, but really, its almost certainly supported by ALSA - its just another implementation of the dreaded Intel HDA audio spec. What makes you believe that its not supported?

Information on Firewire device support is a http://ffado.org/

Well I wasn’t able to get Ardour to recognize the card. Even if it does work I would still be buying a new one, I couldn’t wait to switch it out on my desktop and sure can’t wait to get a sound card dedicated to recording. Thank you both for the links.