I'm looking for free-standing effects apps that I can use as inserts with Ardour on Mac

I’m particularly looking for a reverb I can use as an insert, but any other good ones, like an EQ, etc.

Thanks for steering me in the right direction.




Free-standing effects apps on OSX? I don’t think there are many. If you’re going to use it as an insert, wouldn’t you just want to choose one of the many many AU plugins available ( kvraudio.com )?

If you’ve got Jack installed, you could conceivably patch any app with audio I/O (Logic, Live, etc) as an effects rack. I hear that Waves has a standalone plugin-running app for live users. But this sounds kind of kludgey for this use, you might as well use the Waves AU plugins directly in Ardour … (?)

When I can afford a Mac… :slight_smile:

Ahh ok, I missed the Mac part of the title;)

In that case, any standalone procesing could concievably work if it uses CoreAudio, but in as far as Jack native applications, you have limited options. jconv could likely be ported without to much work(But still some), but beyond that I can’t think of much.