Im having trouble getting started

Can someone give me a step by step as to how to get the program off and running??
I click new session, then recording session, then midi comes up. From here, Do I need to adjust any of the stock settings from my computer or can I just start the program?? When I click start, it loads for a second, then an icon pops up without a description saying “session initialization failed”
Please help

Try “Empty Template” instead of “Recording Session”,

then the defaults in the Audio/MIDI Setup dialog (“Coreaudio” , 48 kHz, buffer-size:1024, and your soundcard as Input+Output device), and start.

Awesome thanks for that I’ll give it a shot, is it required to have an external sound card to run the program though?

In case of a MacBook it works fine here with the onboard soundcard (built-in mic and speakers).

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