I'm having a problem starting playback after using syncing Ardour and Hydrogen


I’m having a weird problem - I got a session file into a state where pressing the spacebar to start the transport won’t do anything.

This is happening with Ardour 2.0 on Linux (Yes, it’s old, but for verious reasons I can’t upgrade right away and I’d like to fix my session.)

Before this happened, I had Hydrogen and Ardour synced via Jack, and everything was working fine. The problem started, I think, when I closed Hydrogen. I tried setting the time master (at least that’s what I think it’s called - it’s not labeled in the UI) to Internal, Jack, and even MTC. No luck.

Any ideas on how to get this unstuck?

The same thing happens with Ardour 2.7.1 from Planet CCRMA on Fedora 10. In addition, the peaks aren’t displayed and all the disabled tracks are playing for some reason.

Ardour is a big project. I can dig up the answers in the source, but it would be really nice to get a pointer or two about where to start looking.



The end of session marker was set to 0. Apparently this happened after I reset the sync source from jack to internal. Changing the value manually in the session file fixed the problem.


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Just for future reference, if someone hits the same problem: The relevant portion of the session file looks like this:

<Location id=“16” name=“end” start=“11314896” end=“4294967295” flags=“IsMark,IsEnd” locked=“no”/>

and the problem was that both the start and end tags were set to “0”.

Also, if anyone knows why Ardour sets the start and end points to different locations (this is how Ardour saved my session file after I dragged the end marker) I’d be interested to know that. Is the end set to -1 when there’s no proper end point?

Maybe other people will comment on Ardour 2.0, but I certainly will not. The version is so old that I’ve lost track of the number of bug fixes and new features that have appeared since it was released.


I’m not asking you to speculate on the possible bugs that may have caused this. I’m very well aware of the futility of trying to get or provide support for obsolete software, especially in an open source model where users should have no reason not to upgrade.

However, the system in question is not networked and upgrading any software on it is potentially time consuming. All I was looking for was a pointer where to start troubleshooting - new projects work fine on that system using the same software, so I can narrow it down to a single session file. It would be tremendously helpful to know which XML tags to start comparing to the ones in a working session file.

This is the approach I was going to take anyway - I was really only hoping for a clue where to get started.

In any case, thanks for your work on Ardour. I’ve been following it for several years now (nearly a decade) and it is a remarkable achievement.


Ori - the problem is that there really have been actual bugs in this area over the last 2-3 years. Its entirely possible that your problem is not fixable without an upgrade.

thank you, thank you, thank you.