I'm Having a Hard Time - DEMO


I’m just so G-darn excited about all the recent Ardour features and finally doing MIDI work with some actual intent in Ardour that I wanted to post a work in progress… It’s not my usual thing and I’m not sure what to make of it but this is a new original tune demo done with various Ardour nightlies and it’s a bit of a hybrid experiment with guitars tuned to FGDFBD and synthesizers which are a big jump for me… I love Loomer’s Aspect synth and for synth-illiterates like me it has phenomenal presets so this tune uses Aspect, setBFree, The AVL-Drumkits Blonde Bop and Buskman’s Holiday Drumkits, An old Yamaha acoustic and a new custom Telecaster gifted to me by a luthier friend of mine…

Placeholder album art:

Tune is here for now:


Cool. I want to say it reminds me of Robbie Robertson for some reason.


Like it! It’s got a Steely Dan vibe to me. Like the composition, great verse, and more of a pre-chorus than a chorus which fits the song well. Dynamic track, lots of different parts within the verse/chorus structure. Love the staccato parts and the modulation in the intro/chorus/bridge with solo. I hear the Setbfree but not the Aspect, where is it hidden?


Thanks Craig and Jeremy, very much appreciated!

All of the bass is Aspect, ‘Hysteria Bass’ panned slightly to the left for some square wave mass and 'Chorlton Bass panned right for some plucky attack.

Ah the bass is Aspect! Didn’t expect that, it just blends in really nicely.

The lyrics got me thinking about how sometimes I wish I could jump about 50 years into the past and live during more simple times at the height of prog rock… but then I realize that it was also the height of the cold war along with a lingering worry that a nuclear attack could happen any day, the watergate scandal, the dreadful war in Vietnam, a major international market downturn, etc., etc… so maybe 50 years ago wasn’t actually that different from today.


You listened to the lyrics!!?? :people_hugging:

That reminds me of this:

“Children; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. They no longer rise when elders enter the room, they contradict their parents and tyrannize their teachers. Children are now tyrants.”

Your average person would guess that is a quote about our current generation but it was written by Socrates in 470 BC… :wink:

So yes all generations have their issues, and people for millennia have complained about ‘having a hard time’… I’m just adding my voice to the chorus…

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Thanks for sharing, Glen McA… Nice mix, great chorus… For the final mix, I’d let the vocals shine on their own / up front, more, meaning I’d consider cutting down on the the arrangement some (or making the song plain longer)… :+1: :v:

(And speaking of generations and the gaps in between, we’d need to bridge them :smiley: )

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