Il tipografo

Hi all,
I recorded this little song with Ardour, mixed it using LADSPA plugins and mastered it with Jamin. Overall it was a great experience and I learned a lot. I used exclusively Free Software and I’m somewhat proud of it :wink:

Check it out!

Italians (if there are any) can check the lyrics and additional info here

After this positive experience, I’m going to record more complex songs in the future.
Thanks to Ardour devs for such a great tool!

Congrats, nice song! If I was you I would put a little drums in it, personally I use hydrogen, it is a simple but powerful drum machine for Linux… and, since it is jack-aware, it can be integrated nicely into ardour projects. (

Anyway, I liked it, keep working!

Yeah! Nice song!

Thank you guys.

Yes you’re right, the song needs drums and bass too. This is just a quick demo.