Hi all,

This is the third song I record with Ardour. Its name is “Ikarus” and it is dedicated to an italian political activist called Piero Ricca. He basically travels around Italy with a bunch of friends in search of corrupt politicians and asks them the questions accredited journalists will never ask. The result always ends up on YouTube.

Listen to Ikarus

Well, what should I say? Oh yes, ARDOUR ROCKS.



Hi zarlino. I like your song!!!. And yes, ARDOUR ROCKS!!!

Thank you Matias! BTW I heard yours too, cool.

+1 for the song Ikarus. (and l’inspiegato as well).
I really like the mixes as well - the low-end is really
tight, and I like the guitar tones, too.

The mix sounds great. It also reminds me that I really need to get back to my Rosetta-Stone (Italiano)!!!

Hi Zarlino,

Sounds nice on my cheap system (people says if it is like that, sounds great on big system))), even if I don’t speak Italian guess understand it’s about the Italian Michael Moore (?).

Think you have recorded real instruments, is it true ?

Good work !


Hi all, Thanks for the positive comments!

The drums are sampled. Did you think they were real?


Great work, I love the production…very ambient sound. If those are sampled drums you are one hell of a programmer, What did you use for the drums?

I import the drum samples directly into Ardour and program them. A little secret is importing from a library that provides the same drum played many times and use all the different samples. This applies especially to the snare, bass drum and hihat. I use the “3 band parametric with shelves” filter, SC4 compressor and Gverb on the snare and cymbals.

Cool song, drum sounds like the spin docters:)
I’d put in some more low end with JAMin, but that’s a matter of taste. Sounded good on my PMC’s :slight_smile:

To Zarlino,

Well, maybe I have to hear it again, anyway sounds natural !

What have you used to make the drum ?


Good library in fact !

Is it free, or Linux native ?

I note your tip about multisampling and different velocities, think that’s what some thing like Battery3 provides…

You talk about programing in Ardour, are you using Ardour 3 ?

Have a nice rocking week end


hi guys… i’ll be dumb but … where is the song???


@allegfede: you’re not dumb. the post was created before new rules for forum posts made it impossible for regular users to embed links. The link that was there ended up being hidden. I’ve edited the original post so that it can be seen again.

thanks Paul :smiley:

I’ll spent last night trying to solve the missing link mistery … and the incompatibility between soundcloud’s player and my ubuntu laptop :smiley: