Ignoring illegal points on AutomationLine

Hey guys,

I have been checking out Ardour 3a4 running on Ubuntu x86_64 11.04b2 and on 2.6.38-8-lowlatency kernel.

Stability wise everything is going well, I am working on a session that was originally an Ardour 2 session. I have allot of automation for mainly volume on this track. The issue I am having is the log window pops up anytime I do a zoom, pan, change height of a track, etc on the timeline. I get a whole lot of these in the log window.

[WARNING]: Ignoring illegal points on AutomationLine “gain”

Does anyone know a work around for this issue? I don’t mind reapplying the automation if there is an easy way to remove what is already there.

No other errors or xruns are appearing in my log, only the above message.



No dev will answer your specific Ardour3 question in this forum as explicitly mentioned by Paul when he started releasing alpha versions. There are only two ways to have your issue looked at:

  • a bug report (mantis bug tracker, see Issue Tracker button at top of window)
  • a chat on IRC with the devs (check the Support button at top of window)

Thanks for the reply thorgal,

I suppose I was just trying to get community support, I am not even sure if this is a “Bug”. I searched both google, and the forums and could not find an answer to this issue, which is why I asked. I suppose nobody else is seeing this?


If you are not certain, ask on IRC. Help>Chat will get you there. You will find that people that test A3 are on IRC to answer your question. Thanks.