Ignore feedback loop?

is there a way to ignore feedback loops? I have a situation where I really need a route which lights up the feedback indicator (but it’s not even a real feedback). It works, but after a new startup of the project the output is muted.

Maybe there is another option to get what I want? Here’s the route:
Bus → External send prefade → Audio channel input → Channel EQ (plugin) → Channel output → Sidechain input of Bus plugin.

Or short: I need a heavily eq’ed sidechain signal for the bus compressor. I tried with various DeEsser-Plugins, but none sounded as I want…

There is not, you cannot insert a bus in a track. Ardour would have to stop processing the track mid-way, process the bus and then resume processing the track.

You can however use pin-connections to achieve your goal on a single track as follows:

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