If ardour.org had some full audio project to download, would it make it easier to new user to come to Ardour?


Yes, that is my question : If ardour.org had some full audio project to download, would it make it easier to new user to come to Ardour?
(I would see this in “Get Ardour | ardour” URL…)

And my answer is yes too.
The manual is good, but examples are very important too, because I think it shows some “kick wins” for new users :wink:

If Ardour team is interested in, I could provide one full project file (that would become open source, by the way) and probably some others Ardours users could too.

What do you think about this ?


You can find many good projects on Unfa youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/unfa000

There was an effort a few years ago, that never went anywhere. There are however a couple complete of sessions hosted on http://archive.org/

But what would uses do with demos? Remix? or sing/play solos over?

To get started with Ardour a tutorial accompanied with stems and/or samples is often preferable to a complete session.

There used to be a couple of really nice video tutorials with stems, but the libremusicproduction website is down since a while (the pieces got picked up since at Basic mixing in Ardour 3 | Libre Music Production but it’s a bit of a mess). As @ksawerytreningowski mentioned, unfa does great tutorials and provides sessions to go along with.

As for complete demos, it greatly depends on the music style. Unless it is a diverse collection, any official demo sessions may be counter productive, and drive away new users if they cannot find their style included in the collection. Anyway one has to get started somewhere…

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Yes, I know the great Unfa, and I think what he does is very interesting (his videos already helped me, about limiters or multiband-compressors for instance) :slight_smile:
But he shows thinks, its’s another way to help new users.
He doesn’t provide his session files, does he?

The idea is to provide session file directly from the download link of ardour.

I think the use for beginners is the re-use to learn, to try, to experiment, to understand, to avoid spending time on false problem, and too to know what it could be done, and how to do it. I think i would have use in that way if it existed.
And they could do what they want with these demos : if they wand to remix it, that’s ok. If they want to solos over, that’s ok too.

I agree with you with having different music styles available in demos and even way of doing music : Rock with electric guitar and bass and drumgizmo+DRSKit is mine :wink:

Almost every Unfa’s vid longer then 1 hour has a link to the session. Just click “SHOW MORE” under his monthly live streams

Thanks, I didn’t know it.
Maybe a good idea should be to provide links to these kinds of contents directly from ardour download page? But with time, it should become some broken links…

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This link should work longer https://unfa.creator-spring.com/? :wink:

I’d like to…But I think the life of each one isn’t some kind of linear thing :wink:

Cambridge Music Technology has a collection of multitrack stems. Free, for educational purposes only. Quite a variety of music, from different artists, and well recorded.

Having pre-recorded multitracks like that is a great way to find your way around a DAW. Routing, grouping, automation, processing, etc., plus importing.

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