Idées Noires Cover (French)

Hello community,

sharing with you a project that I had started last year but could only complete recently when finally able to reunite with my bandmates :slight_smile:

This is normally my last project done under Ardour 5.12 ! Looking forward to upgrading to v6 (still on Linux) now that this project is finished.
Recorded through an Audient iD4 interface
Bass and guitar recorded as D.I. - Guitars shaped with Guitarix plugins
My vocals recorded on cheap Eagletone condenser mic and Camille through a Neumann
Drums created using Hydrogen
MIDI recorded with an M-Audio master keyboard and rendered with SF2 soundfonts and the excellent setBfree tonewheel organ.
Your usual set of eqs, compressors, (Dragonfly) reverbs, delay, saturations, etc …
Always a pleasure to work with Ardour; thanks for that jewel !


For the curious ones, I assembled a view of the full mixer (remember that was in 5.12)
Yellow channels are vocals
Green channels are keyboards
Light blue channels are guitars
Dark blue channel is bass
Red channels are drums/percussions

Lots of REDs … I use sf2 drumkits (with a-Fluidsynth) but I split the elements on different MIDI Buses in order to control the volumes/panning individually … a bit painful but I have a template :wink:

Cool…I had forgotten this song which is pleasant.
The cover is well driven and the lady’s voice is « la cerise sur le gâteau » in this nice production.
Thanks for sharing.