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Hi there,
I told about this a few months ago on the chat and I have been a bit told off with no really valuable arguments, so I ask again to see if the mood has changed. There is three points which would help me a lot while editing:

  1. the ability to group take:
    On say, a 20 track recording, if I need many takes, to be able to switch from one take to another, I need to manually select the chosen take on each track, what would be good is to be able to call a group of takes that would update the 20 tracks automatically. I could switch from one take to the other in a second.
  2. for a given take, if three or four overdubs are done, they appear one on top of each other. that common overdubbing display which I did not refute but what would be good would be to be able to “develop verticaly” each overdub below the main track as layers, allowing for example to see the timing of a drum compared to the other overduds and the main take.
  3. when editing a take, cutting and moving, we need to select all the tracks concerned by the editing manually. On a 20+ track recording it can sometimes be confusing or take a few second, what would be good would be to be able to have a virtual track on top of all the other tracks that could be edited alone and that would affect all the tracks at once, a sort of grouping for editing. Maybe this can be achieved by grouping the tracks, I have to say that I have gone in depth into it.

Cubase/Nuendo and Logic handle these three points. I have been working on ardour for about 5 years now on Linux but I also work on a studio that use cubase and when I record a band, I always found this technics very handy.

When I first talk about it, I had answers offering me ways to achieved the same things but never has easily as it would be if it was implemented the way I suggested.

Thanks for your work and time.

  1. this has already been partially implemented in 2.X, although its not complete at this time. It won’t be improved further in the 2.X releases, but 3.0 will feature a more complete version of this.

  2. 3.0 already has “expand track vertically”, similar to Cubase

  3. edit groups can be used for this purpose, assuming the regions you wish to edit across tracks share basic properties like position, length and so forth. If they do not, its not clear to me how one would do edits even with a “virtual track” approach. just put all the desired tracks into an edit group, make the group active. now edits should propagate across the tracks.

Before you ask, 3.0 is not ready for the vast majority of our users to test at this point. I will make some announcements when we reach that point.

Fantastic !
As for the three, I totally agree to your comment about length position… I was talking about it in that optic.
Thanks Paul

Thank you paul for your very informative post.

Paul Finn