Idea os ardour: Warp Markers

Idea os ardour: Warp Markers

The Warp markers, es una herramienta que tiene cuabse y ableton, hace la funcion de editar regiones de audio en una pista, modificando el tempo y el tono de una region en un archivo de audio en una pista, es una herramienta muy util, para crearse unos sus propios samples.


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Could someone provide a fluent translation of this, since I have a feeling it is interesting? By “fluent” I mean “not babelfish” …


The warp makers are a tool which both Ableton and Cubase got, which provide the ability to edit audio regions for a track, changing tempo and tone of a region and storing it into an archive. It’s a very useful feature for creating personal samples.

No se ingles, no se hablar ingles pero les reegalo estas direciones donde ustedes pueden ver la herramienta que tendria que tener ardour

Not English, not speak English but I reegalo these addresses where you can see the tool you would have to take ardour


It is a very useful tool

Thanks, Viva Ardour


Would it be possible to set up an automation track/interface for the region stretch tool using a bar:beat timecode interface.

This is a fascinating idea but I cannot imagine adding it to Ardour until some time after version 3.0 comes out. Most people don’t know that Live is running a granular resynthesis engine all the time, which makes transformations like this rather easy. They also have a the possibility of a BBT ruler for every track, which ardour currently does not have. This makes certain aspects of the warp marker idea easier to implement. Please file the idea in our bug/feature request track with a link back to this page, and that way it will not be forgotten.

I would like to help adding this feature to ardour. This is one of the two “pro” features still missing in ardour (the other: comfortable undestructable pitch correction).

Most people would say pitch correction doesn’t belong in the DAW itself, but rather as a plug-in(Melodyne being the obvious exception, but note that the DAW version is designed specifically for that purpose).

However if you want to implement the feature discussed in this thread, the code is available is SVN so just submit a patch via Mantis.

This thread is quite old, is this feature (warp markers) been discused lately? i remember using a similar tool in Logic years ago around 2009 i think… or Cool Edit even earlier… anyway it is very useful specially editing drums where a hit isn´t where it should be or even better, after recording drums and bass and guitars… editing guitars where a strung isn´t in time and you want it “right there”.

It is important for me to have the ok from the maintainers. Also the way how to integrate such thing into the gui has to be discussed:
for example: can this be done “inline” (track view) or should an extra editor-window/panel (like in many other professional suites) be used?

@cyberbeat: we don’t waste time discussing development on these forums. forums are an excrutiatingly slow and inefficient medium. if you want to talk about coding and design, join us on IRC (as described at or the ardour-dev mailing list.

Hello, I am following with interest the development of ardor, and even interesting feature of this … I wanted to know if it was entered into and whether development will be integrated into the main line of ardor, if so, when?
thanks for the answers

This thread makes it fairly clear that this feature, while not necessarily unwanted, is not a development priority: