Idea: FX Wet Mix

Hello Guys
add a button for fx wet mix with automation

This has been discussed in the past (search the forum), and it won’t be added for various reasons.

In case a dry/wet control makes sense it should be provided by the plugin itself.

In many cases a dry/wet control does not only add overhead (additional CPU load) but is also plain wrong from a DSP perspective. It can lead to comb-filter artifacts or phasing issues in general.

Also keep in mind that you can easily have a few thousand plugins in an Ardour session.
In case of a DAW the preferred way of handling this is using sends to a buses, with a fully wet effect.

ok man
for cpu usage add a option to all plugin in processor box for enable/disable FX Wet Mix (with R-click on them )

For which plugins that don’t have one built-in do you need a dry/wet control?

You can also roll your own using pin-connections: Bypass the dry-signal around the plugin and then use a x-fade plugin to combine it. Here’s an example for parallel compression:

Or a clean approach is to use sends for the dry-signal:


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