Idea for VCA "show slaves only" button

Hi. New forum user here. I registered because I have a suggestion for a potential workflow improvement (at least for me!). I really like the VCA masters addition, and also like the possibility to isolate affected tracks or busses pressing the big vertical button that reads “Click to show slaves only” in its popup description. What if we have a tickbox somewhere that would enable us to see those affected tracks even if they are hidden from the mixer? I think it would help to unclutter the mixer a little bit in big projects.

tl;dr an option to override hidden status on tracks affected by a VCA master only when pressing big vertical button.

Cheers! Thanks for this great piece of software :slight_smile:

I like this idea too :slight_smile: Especially useful with effect buses etc. :wink:
Quote :slight_smile:

Hi kytdkut, thanks for the feedback.

Earlier versions (5.6-development) did just that. All slaved tracks were displayed even if they were currently hidden, but after that they remained visible. That was somewhat annoying.

Note that you can currently toggle track/bus show/hide while in VCA spllled view (e.g. using the mixers left sidebar).

To make your suggested option work:

  • Either you’ll not be allowed to toggle track show/hide while VCA slaves are spilled (and ignore current show/hide, always show all when spilled)
  • or there’ll need to separate show/hide states for normal view and spilled view.

Neither is a straight forward change. It’ll need some planning.
PS. a related idea is to allow spilling multiple VCAs at the same time.