Idea for CD creation and export

I record gigs for a band.

Sometimes in ardour and sometimes with a zoom h4 for later import into ardour.

So far, always just a stereo track but hopefully at some point a multi-track recording.

They generally do two or three sets and end up with two CDs worth of songs after the filler and breaks are cut out.

My process…

Start with project recorded in ardour or import externally recorded track into ardour.

Move through the recording marking and labeling track start and end points.

Set one CDs worth of songs as cd tracks, export session and toc.

Un-mark those tracks and mark the remaining as cd tracks, export session and toc again for second disk.


Ardour does not show me the length of the CD so far as I mark tracks as cd tracks. I have to guess and I may get it wrong, or do the calculation outside of ardour. (As a side note, I got a buggy toc export yesterday but it is on an old version of ardour so I am not sure it should be reported.)

I either overwrite my toc or get two double size wav files or have to move the first toc file externally to ardour.

I have a workaround that I will document in another post, but here is how I think ardour could be improved:

Modify the locations window to:

  1. Specify which CD a track belongs to.
  2. Specify the number of the song on the CD so that song order can be rearranged.
  3. Provide an area where the current length of a specified CD is automatically updated as tracks are added or removed to the CD. Or perhaps one such area for each CD in the project.

When exporting:

Add and option for export CD(s).

This would export a wav and toc that matches the CD specified only. Sort of like export ranges does now for songs, but for whole CDs.

My workaround involves exporting ranges and building a toc externally to ardour.

all the best,