idea: android phone remote controller for ardour

i have done a searching on the forums, but it does not appear:

well, we have already have the wiimote controller. so we could buy a wii controller and voila! we have it. but what about an android controller, when you can see some parameters, or see what track are you monitoring? and in most android phones you have the accelerometer like in the wiimote. men, we could even have 1 or 2 faders on the mote, and of course that they will be “motorised”! and all of this for free, and in your phone!

we will have the medal of being the FIRST daw with a free motorised full featured controller!!

Im a 3º-4º grade spanish computer engineer, i can try to learn to develop this on android, the platform doesnt seem so difficult.

what do you think?

any ideas on features for the controller?

ok, i have asked mr google, and i have seen those pretty daw controllers for the ipad and the iphone… why dont have a free one for us?

I only see one problem: multitouch. this leads in to having only one useful fader and a switch for the mixer tracks, or use a mutituouch capable tablet.

I have started a remote for Android last winter but development is stopped on that right now. I plan to pick it up again soon after I complete my current music project. There are some generic controller apps that can be used to control Ardour too If I recall correctly.

also, we can use vnc programs like androidvnc to gain control of all the desktop, so we can manage ardour from our phone.

and as said on ardour-users mailing list, the osc control may be the best and more useful way to achieve this… using touchosc(if it is really being ported to android) or fingerplaymidi.

Hello touchosc i very powerfull and adapted to control ardour by osc. But on ardour we can’t have acces to pan , send level, … by osc.
And most functions of the menu action described in this page are not working.
You can make a mix Midi/osc to have acces to every important parameters, but is not so clean.

If the functionality on that page does not work, you should submit a bug report, as it is in fact a bug. However i should all work in a fairly recent version of Ardour.


Hello, thanks for repply, i will test all functions soon and repport non working functions.
I have tested in ardour SVN and ardour 3 svn …
I also tried apostools, (is a pd patch to send osc command to ardour), there is 406 numeroted function, i will test all one by one and repport non working too.
Best regard