Icon Qcon controller


Does anybody have experience with this controller?

What other controllers apart from the Behringer BCF 2000 and Mackie MCU would you recommend? As I understand these 2 work well with Ardour, but the BCF is a bit too simplistic, and the Mackie a bit too expensive for me. Qcon looks promising, but will it work?

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Hmm, no one? Should I risk it?

Not sure it is worth it considering the price compared to the Mackie unit which has led rings around the pots, but to each their own I suppose, I have no direct experience with it.


Hmm I am seeing about $700 for the QCon and about $900 for the Mackie, what prices are you seeing?


Country we are talking about can make a huge difference in pricing of course.

Thanks for the answer Seablade! I have just been reading a post of yours over at gearslutz, a site I discovered recently. What a nice coincidence.
Sure, the Mackie looks better, but it is more than twice as expensive…

Yes, big difference. Incredible how much cheaper Mackie is in the US.

http://www.thomann.de/cz/icon_qcon.htm 499 €

http://www.thomann.de/cz/mackie_control_universal_pro.htm 1245€ = 1695 $ Almost twice compared to US! Crazy.

Yep that will do it. In your case then yea it may be more worth it. Honestly I have been considering building one out of an arduino(Actually a couple arduinos) because I am not really happy with my Mackie either and would love to have a nice OSC control surface. But that is a different topic not likely to move far anytime soon:)


Wow, sounds like a project. Some friends of mine work quite a lot with arduinos, though mainly for art installations etc. I have two left hands when it comes to soldering, so DIY is not an option unfortunately :slight_smile:

Hi, i’m uping this post to know if you chose the Qcon device and had any success with it.
I’m sort of facing the same question today.
Thanks (the MCU support on Ardour is a bless)