Icon Platform M+ any opinions

Hello Ardour-Community

can anyone share their experience of how well this controller integrates with ardour? The only thread i found moved to IRC.


There has just been a patch submitted (https://github.com/Ardour/ardour/pull/680) that improves the handling off these devices as part of Ardour’s overall support for devices that use Mackie Control Protocol.

This won’t be available until release 7.0 (which is not yet scheduled), unless you build Ardour yourself and apply those changes yourself.

It seems that the Icon Platform M+ (like many MCP devices) lightly abuses the protocol for its own ends, and so although many aspects of it will work with current Ardour, not everything will do what you expect (or want).

Alright. Thank you! I have Never build Ardour before. Will give it a try

While I don’t really want to dissuade anyone, I do want to give a warning:
If you don’t have experience building software, Ardour might be a bad one to start on. Especially if you are talking about finding the patch Paul is referring to, and manually backporting it to a released version of Ardour and compiling that yourself.


Mhmm, you are not totally wrong. I only have build zynaddsubfx from source
until now. I am following git documentations/instructions, which is pretty
straightforward for ardour. The link above gives me the location of the
patch files, which i can copy to my local machine and use 'git apply ’ to integrate it.

Be that as it may (i will make mistakes anyway)… this is not the place to
discuss how to navigate github.

But thanks to all. It is indeed nice to get answers.


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