ICON M+ issues w/ master ch mapping & motorized faders

Just purchased an ICON Platform M+ control surface && D+ LCD display meter bridge
connected M+ via USB
& set the surface for MCP

launched Ardour 8 & - created a session for testing the surface
set up the control surface as follows:
/Preferences/Control Surfaces & enabled Mackie check box
then clicked on
/Show Protocol Settings/Device Setup & selected Mackie Control Universal Pro
set up
Surface send via: Platform M v2.15 [28] (capture) MIDI 1
Surface receives via: Platform M v2.15 [28] (playback) MIDI 1
Button Click = true
Backlight = true
clicked on “recalibrate faders” (nothing happened)
clicked on “Discover Mackie Devices” (nothing happened)


  • ch strips 1 thru 8 faders, pan, solo, mute, select, record enable all work
  • transport controls map correctly and seem to work
  • M+ read & write reflect Ardour’s play/write modes

PROBLEM #1: the M+ Master fader maps incorrectly to Ardour’s Monitor Level instead of the Master Fader in Ardour

PROBLEM#2: I can write fader data to Ardour by moving the M+ faders
-but the motorized faders do not move/respond to the fader data upon playback
-the M+ LCD display does show fader & pan data I wrote to Ardour PLUS displays my track names
(I selected the channel strip & the M+ transport “read” status button illuminates)

  • Carla patchbay shows
    Platform M+ is connected to Ardour’s mackie control in
    Platform M+ is connected to mackie control out
    via a2j bridge

I downloaded iMap on a Mac & checked all the midi map info - seems correct

q1: how do I remap the M+ master fader to Ardours master fader?
q2: how do I enable the physical fader playback of Ardour fader data for the M+?

is there a setting in Ardour or Jack that I’m overlooking?

any help appreciated! :slight_smile:

I have an Icon V1-M in front of me (care of Icon), specifically to help address some of the issues with these surfaces.

The second problem probably requires my attention but may also be a firmware issue with the Icon. I won’t know till I find time to work on this.

The first problem is a choice we made in the Mackie Control Protocol support: if the session has a monitor bus, you are assumed to be listening to it, and thus the master fader controls that rather than the master.

Paul thanks for the info, very appreciated as always…
– found a video on YT showing how to adjust the speed/sensitivity settings on the M+ & the faders did not move, so I checked the PSU and discovered that the guy I bought the M+ from sent me the wrong PSU…he sent a PSU that supplied 12VDC @350mA - not enough juice to power flying faders of fury. I assumed wrongly that he sent the one that came with the M+ :\
– so I found a 12VDC @2A PSU and the faders now move during M+ speed/sensitivity adjustments on the M+ but they still DO NOT move in response to fader data on playback.
– I can get along w/o the flying faders until you find time to 2xcheck this in Ardour

– as for Monitor vs Master fader - OK I’ll keep this in mind…good to know
thanks again,