Icecaps (Melt My Shaky Values)

The first single release from the TV Dog (formerly They/Them) ‘Saturated Icons’ album dropping this week. This album was recorded on sporadic weekend sessions during the pandemic summer of 2020 and was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Connor MacArthur and Brock Reid at Bandshed Records Studio. Recorded in Ardour with AV Linux, Video was done in Sony Vegas…

Full album out now on Spotify and all major streaming services!


HI Glen hope you re good!
The embeded player wont play the vid on my phone forced me to yt app and confirmation of my id, maybe yt found this non safe content for kids?

I like the song, the guitar sounds well and drums too, “dry” feeling with them, as we were near the drummer :wink:

I am not fan of the videoclip tough


Hi and thank you, not sure about the sign in… You are right that the Video is marked ‘not for children’ so you may be right about that…

As far as the Video… it’s all subjective so fair enough!

Let s say that this is not my kind of aesthetics :wink:

Ps : edited old post, sorry about mistyping on my phone :smiley:

G magic style :)))Super! I like the unobstructed singing manner. Very cool in my test! :slight_smile: I’ve found video ironic and positive! Good luck & creative mode to you GMag!

Hi @cooltehno!

Well thanks but I only provided the studio time and a sentence or two of advice…

The album is all the work of my son and his friend… I’m just sharing it as the record label… :grinning:

Aaa))) the voice and style is very similar (especially in the chorus):slight_smile: