ice1712 chipset question

to, ardour users of the world

i want to use ardour w/ a laptop. i been searchin google and it seems soundcards based on the ice1712 chipset are the shiznit cause they are heavily supported under the ALSA. heres the question : does anyone know of a non-pci interface that uses this chipset? i picture an external box that can connect through usb/firewire,etc. i’m way more savy w/ software than w/ hardware. comments, suggestions, new leads, etc are greatly appreciated.

sincerely, tsonner

It is a PCI chipset. Period.

I’d recommend looking at the freebob page for ideas…

The pre-sonus fire-wire series should have nice high quality converters. There are also the pc-card based RME devices (ALSA not Freebob).