I would like to install ALL lv2 and lv2 related packages please


I’m kind of new to linux. I’m really really really tired of tracking down one stinking package after another. (Even following the exact build and install instructions, there’s always something). I don’t care if every lv2 and lv2 associated package comes out to be 5TB of space… I can’t do this much longer, or I’m going to detonate into a mushroom cloud of red mist, and my rage will set ablaze any clouds in a 173 mile radius. Your help is greatly appreciated in advance.

Oh, I’m running Twister OS, on an RPi 4. I need every lv2 and lv2 associated package because I’m attempting to run Neural Amp Modeler as an lv2 plugin in, and attempting to install a UI for it, to use in the latest and greatest version of Reaper DAW. (and also, this is about the 497th time I’ve gotten held up by an lv2 package for one reason or another not having anything to do with this particular problem, so I’m going to say [expletive deleted] IT, and install them all. I absolutely will do them one at a time if I am left with no other choice, but there’s gotta be a better way, right?). Again, thank you in advance.


You’re asking a lot from a platform that is not well known for Linux Audio performance due to the relative current lack of specialized Audio Packaging for that particular platform and the known relatively low performance of the hardware.

If you really want to try Audio production on Linux writ large then there are multiple specialized Distros that will have all you need and much more, I can only speak with authority about AV Linux which gives you Ardour, plus the demos of Reaper and Harrison Mixbus with every LV2, VST, and VST3 Plugin worth mentioning and also with every known performance tweak to get the most out of any (x86) system but there are other great choices like Ubuntu Studio, Librazik etc…

Doing what you’re trying to do on an Rpi is still relegated to hobbyist folks who like/want to roll up their sleeves and get dirty and expect gaps in packaging and performance… As time goes on and the Rpi increases it’s specs I think we will see some specialized Audio workstation OS’s eventually get there but I would guess you are at least 2 years from it being ‘install and use’ for the average computer User…

Sure, you can dig a hole with a hammer, but a shovel is much easier… :wink:

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With Glen’s suggestions in mind, if you’re thinking about compiling the neural-amp-modeler-lv2 yourself you need the lv2-devel package, whatever that’s called in Twister OS.

I can’t see any other direct requirements but you may need the devel-packages for serd, zix, sord, sratom, suil and lilv as well.
And if you want to use brummer10’s UI version you’ll need libcairo2-devel and libx11-devel