I would like to be a beta tester and get involved.

Hi guys, I recently implemented a Professional Recording Studio using Ubuntu Linux with Ardour. I come from a Windows/Nuendo and MAC/Pro Tools background and I have to say, Ever since I’ve been using Ardour, I have had ZERO malfunctions. Let me reiterate that…ZERO MALFUNCTIONS. You have no idea how many projects I have lost or how many random failures to the systems I have had over the years, that have cost me a LOT of time and money. I got into Linux 4 years ago and quickly realized the benefits of using it professionally and have been VERY happy ever since. A system for pro tools that would have cost me $17,000 on Windows or MAC, cost me cost me nearly $12,000 less.

So with my new found love of my favorite profession on Linux I would like to give back to the community and become a beta tester. I would also like to donate in the near future when I have the funds. I know that becoming a beta tester might throw me back into a malfunctioning system, But I can’t think of a better beta tester than someone with 10 or more years of experience with DAW systems, who is tightly knit in the Audio Engineering circles, and loves to make music! So how do I get started?

Here is a song that I created using Ardour, FL Studio, Rose Garden, and Linux Sampler.


I know, I know, FL Studio isn’t free software, but I have to draw the line with LMMS. It’s nowhere near FL Studio. However, It is all done on Ubuntu 10.04.

Hey pepsifx357 - the link you posted is missing photos…would love an up-to-date photo and some detail on how you saved all that money!

  1. download the latest alpha release (no beta jet…) and test it on your setup. there is a link on the news page.

  2. submit bug reports to mantis, not to the forum.

i guess that’s about it at the moment.

If you’re comfortable compiling and hacking code you can always download the bleeding edge code (info here : http://ardour.org/download_full , get the …branches/3.0) and file bug reports (preferrably with patches that fixes them) here : http://tracker.ardour.org/my_view_page.php .

And the precompiled alpha releases are on the News-button above.

Note that you should NOT do any work needed for production, clients, etc. on any alpha release at this time. It may very well work fine, but you have been warned:)


I apologize in advance for double posting. I can’t seem to find the “Edit” button.

I have a thread on the GearSlutz forum showing my Linux Studio build, with all of my settings, and equipment that I use currently.

@ pepsifx357

check my post in the gearslutz thread you mentioned…