I was told, Gentoo isn`t supported. Is this true?

After filing a gentoo bug concerning Ardour-2.8.14 someone told me, Gentoo was not supported by Paul. Is this really true? This would make me sad.

@erdie: that’s a bit silly. the binary is ready to run. it doesn’t need to built, and is relocatable (can be installed anywhere) and is parallel installable (you can install multiple versions at once).

Does it mean it is a static build binary and i can run in just from my home directory? If it is so, I will test it in parallel. This sounds like an reasonable, almost system-independend alternative.

BTW: Maybe you misunderstood me, Gentoo is also able to deploy binary files without build or compile anything. A binary ebuild means, portage just deploys binary files just like apt-get on debian and takes care about dependencies even this is not the usual way on gentoo. But it is possilbe. You can do this e. g. for openoffice to save compile time. Certain packages have a bin- version. This could make sense for ardour, too.

@Erdie: it is a binary bundle, not a static build. It contains every library and resource needed to run except for (g)libc, the X Window libraries and a couple of others. It is a system-independent packaging (more or less).

BTW. Thanks a lot for all this information. I just tested the binary package by unpacking the .tar.bz2 file. It works fine, I also see it contains some libaries, too. The santitycheck tell me “failed” without any futher information. Anyway, Ardour works properly. Does this matter?

Some other stuff:

Yesterday I visited a big german sound engineer convention in Cologne:


While talking with other sound engineers some of them suggested me to offer a presentation about linux audio including Ardour. I was the only one who used linux audio stuff. Would this be a good idea in your opinion? This is a bit offtopic …


@ erdie

For the sanity check failed thing

1.Ensure your cpu governors are set to performance (i.e cpu freq scaling disabled)

“cat /sys/devices/system/cpu#/cpufreq/scaling_governor” , replace # by core number
to set the cpu governor to performance do as a superuser
“echo performance > /sys/devices/system/cpu#/cpufreq/scaling/scaling_governor”

2.Check if you have a group audio and a limits.conf file in “/etc/security” with contents somewhat resembling this
@audio - rtprio 90 # maximum realtime priority
@audio - memlock unlimited # maximum locked-in-memory address space (KB)

In the ardour bin folder, you will find the sanityCheck executable. Try “sanityCheck -h”, and you will find lots of usage options, using which you can find out what specific problems there is in your system setup. This wiki is very helpful http://wiki.linuxmusicians.com/doku.php?id=system_configuration#limits.conf.

Thanks Anirban, I did not know that the speedstepping is part of the sanitycheck. In general I disable this before doing serious stuff. For minor playing around with Ardour, I keep it enabled because it works here anyway without issues. All other stuff is configured properly. Speedstepping was the reason. I use powernowd but anyway after shutting down powernowd the sanitycheck says “failed”. I guess this is not a problem through.

@Erdie: we do not support any Linux distributions. we support all Linux distributions. The binary bundle that I release should run on every Linux distribution. The ones where it doesn’t work probably have something seriously messed up or represent a unique debugging opportunity. At this time I am not aware of any Gentoo specific issues.

What we/I do not support are packages of Ardour built by a distribution (including Gentoo, even though you probably built it locally).

Ah, ok that means to be save I need to use prebuild binaries to be save. Anyway, i did not get many problems with gentoo ebuilds in the last years. The only problem I got is, that it took a very long time until the last version was provided in their repository. This is because there are not enough maintainers. I remember there was some trouble a few years ago because gentoo links to their own external libaries even you have some build in code, right?
I should suggest to the gentoo guys to provide an ebuild with binaries you provided.