I wan't to apologize to the developers

some time ago I posted here about me having issues with Ardour on windows:

as time goes by I saw more crushes with my windows 11 system on other software.
also, the main issue was with LV2 plugins. which is understandable. VST3 plugins work fine.

so apparently Microsoft is the problem more than Ardour. and the situation is getting better with any Windows 11 update.

sorry for blaming the developers here.



That’s a great gesture, more people should have the strength to stand in for their doing and saying like that :+1:

FWIW Windows 10 was dreadful in its early days and it ended up unbootable on my system (admittedly, quite old hardware…) I had to uninstall it here and didn’t try it seriously again until many years later when I bought some newer hardware. It’s remarkably stable now though and much better and easier to use. Win11 will probably find its feet eventually but if Win10 gives us any hint, it might take quite a long time.

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