I thought I was building Ardour 2.8.3. with VST Support...

… but unfortunately it didn’t!

Did I do everything right? I just typed “scons vst=yes” and “scons install” - should be it, no? But when I type “ardourvst” nothing happens in my shell, when I type “ardour2” Ardour starts with number 2.8.3. so I guess I just did something wrong…

Can you tell me?


scons VST=1


Ah yeah, might work!
What happens if I just build it again with VST-Support and then scon install it? Will it overwrite my “old” (i.e. recent) Ardour or will I have one “Ardour2” and one “ArdourVST” then?


You’ll end up having them both, but I think only the latest will work.

I’m not sure if there’s a ‘scons uninstall’ but otherwise you can just remove the /usr/local/bin/ardour2 file to avoid any irritation.

I always run ‘scons PREFIX=/opt/ardour-whatever-release’ when I compile/install. That way it’s easy to “uninstall”

If you have a fast system with decent memory adding the -j switch plus a number of simultaneous jobs (I use -j8) can speed up compiling considerably.