I press play and nothing happens

I recently compiled Ardour 2.0.2 with vst support on the latest feisty version of UbuntuStudio. It compiled with no problems and runs fine.

The problem I am having is this, when I press play nothing happens at all, the button doesn’t depress it just stays on stop. I have checked and my in and out points are correct, I have also tried setting a loop region and seeing if that would make a difference but it does not.

Also when i am at the screen to import audio files, if I select a file and press play to preview it, the screen says it’s playing but nothing happens. Once i insert the audio it does show the wave form though.

I am a bran spankin noob on this and still fairly new to linux so any help would be greatly appreciated!


Have you installed and started jack?

Yes, I have jack running. It appears to be working. If I press play on jack though it also does the same thing. If I look at the connections in jack it appears that the ardour connections are setup there.