I payed for Ardour on Linux, how do I download on Windows?

I want to use Ardour on Windows, because it gives me a bit more freedom around vst plugins. I have two computers, one has Ubuntu by Linux and the other one has Windows 10. I payed for Ardour on my Ubuntu system, now I am connected to my Ardour account on my Windows computer, but I don’t find any way to download what I already bought. It seems like I might have to get a refund so I can pay it again, so I can use the daw on a different opperating system. Looking foreward for an answer, thanks.

Visit https://community.ardour.org/download select Windows, and then pick the right-most option: “Change Platforms”


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Ardour is still on my Ubuntu system, what is the package name for the 6.5.0 version?

I might be misunderstanding but you don’t have to delete your copy on Ubuntu. If you really want to you can run the uninstaller that you’ll find inside the /opt folder.

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