I/O problem at region ends

hello dear ardour community :slight_smile:

i’m not so long into audio production with linux and ardour, but the capabilities and user-interface seems very great to me and i’d love to use it further on.

i’ve already recorded a song with ardour, but i’m running into a specific problem that i can’t solve. it seems, that at specific spots in the recording, the disk i/o completely fails, and sometimes even my system hangs.
i already checked everything (dma, other filesystems, irq,…), until i found out that the troubles occur at places where many regions (eg. 5 stereo drum tracks) end at the same or almost the same time. this happens independently of the buffer size setting, so it’s not the usual latency problem, i think it has something to do with ardour.

my system is an athlon xp 2200+, 1 gb ram, and a 250 sata samsung harddisk. i use 64studio.

can anyone help me?