I need help.


Im a begginer in DAW and Linux as well and… Im quite lost…haha

I have a very little budget to start now and my laptop doesnt have Firewire ports.

So, my questions are:

Can I use an USB/Firewire hub to connect an firewire interface into my laptop?

Does this kind of stuff work in Linux and is it compatible with Ardour?

you Daw/Linux expert people think that this kind of “improvisation” is worthy? what do u think?

Thank you.

I have never tried it, but I would say I wouldn’t bother. Find an interface that works with what you have, if you only have USB this will limit your choices, do you have a Cardbus or Expresscard Slot by chance? What exactly are your requirements?


Thank you for ur reply!

Hum… actually, Im trying to find out what is a Cardbus or Expresscard slot, to know if I have one… Im so begginer…

I dont think I have requirements at the time being even because my budget is low, so any solution would be great for me.