I need an explanation about the surround panner


I worked alot with Cubase and I know how to handle multi channel / surround projects.
But the Surround-Panner of Ardour I do not understand:


It shows 6 speakers in the background (OK, I have 6 Audio channels, but what about the LFE channel? This is not a channel for a X/Y panner)

I can twist the wheel to move the audio sources around. But it makes no sense to have 6 channels as targets and also 6 channels on the wheel, and three of them are more close together than the others.

I do not get it.

Can somebody explain this or point to an explanatoion?

my best regards, Matthias

I learned a little bit: On a 2 channel track, the surround panner is usable: you have to adjust the width of the wheel (the angle of the pie) so that it matches better to the drawn speakers:


Now, you can position the sound of your stereo track in the 2 D surround space.

But there is no possibility to position the sound source in the X/Y space, as I know.

And BUT: It seems to be the case, that the channel number on the speakers are fixed. This is not an good idea, because there are different setups possible for the 6 channels regarding surround sound.


This is a VBAP panner. It has no relationship to 5.1, 10.2 and other Dolby-related “surround sound” systems.

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