I made all this with Ardour :)


This is a really fun soundscape, I listened to the entire album today and enjoyed the wide variety of sounds from vocals to electric guitar to ambient synth pads to the bonus chiptune near the end. I’m curious about some of the production details. With so much stuff going on, I imagine it might be hard to document all of the different instruments and effects you used, but I would like to know if there were any specific plugins, instruments, or hardware that really helped hit the spot in getting the sound that you wanted.

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Thank you for listening! There is a lot going on, but I could pretty much point out every detail about the production process, alot of which I was learning ad hoc. I’d say my main plugins were Vital (mostly original patches), the Air Creative Fx Suite (that comes with M-Audio and Alesis products), Surge Xt, Spitfire free products (Labs etc), and some EastWest products (although I didn’t get composer cloud until towards the end of the album).

Pretty much everything was done on my laptop for budget reasons, so not a lot of hardware to mention, just a 100-dollar AT Condenser mic and usb direct in from a Fender Mustang amp.

Hey David, I’m really enjoying this album – so many styles/influences in just the first few songs I’ve listened too!

Very cool! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, more to come! :pray:

That’s huge bro, great one!

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