I Love Web Audio!

I was wondering if there’s any passionate software engineers on these forums interested in “talking shop” about web audio!

If you’re interested, comment below. Let’s see if we can get a nice little group together!

Loving this community thus far.


There are already nice little groups, some actually not that little: https://www.ntnu.edu/wac2019
Web-audio is also strong in the FAUST community.

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Thanks for the insights Robin! I’m checking that out right now as we speak.

I actually sent you an email a few days ago from my andrew at andrewjohansenmusic dot com email address. Not sure if you got it but if you need me to resend it, let me know!

Found it (was marked as SPAM) and replied.

The gist: I don’t think a fully-fledged DAW in a browser is feasible at this point in time, but there are plenty of other opportunities for an online musicians community.

The strength of web-audio lies less in production (editing, mixing, mastering) but more on authoring or creative use (FX, basic sequencing) and first and foremost: exchanging assets and information, ie. things the internet is good at.