I just want to say that Ardour is amazing

No real content here. I just want to say how impressed I am with Ardour. I’ve been recording music with computers since the mid 90s. I’ve used every platform and most of the major DAWs. I used Ardour for a while a few years back (around 2011) and I enjoyed it, but everything felt a bit difficult and rough around the edges. I was using it on Ubuntu and I had to deal with real time kernels, JACK, and though I was able to use it and even recorded an EP I never felt super comfortable. I ended up switching from Ubuntu to Windows for a few years but I recently switched back and started using Ardour again. I was amazed at how much progress has been made over the past few years. Everything is super simple and easy to set up. I just plugged in my audio interface and got right to it. Ardour’s interface feels so polished and is instantly intuitive and easy to use. I expected a learning curve but there’s was really none. I was instantly productive. So, that’s really it. I just wanted to gush a bit. This is great project. After spending a little time with Ardour from the Ubuntu repos I signed up for an account and paid for the supported version. I expect that I’ll be recording in Ardour for years to come!

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I recently decided to go with Linux full time. That meant giving up Ableton LIve. Which I’ve been using since 2004 I think. So, big changes but I DEF feel confident in Ardours capabilities and audio engine. I’ve listened to a few tracks now that sound well mixed and produced. They were done entirely within Ardour and plug ins.

I share your enthusiasm

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Hear hear! I just wish that I could convince some of my friends that are using other DAWs to give Ardour a fair try.

Ditto…:slight_smile: Basically same boat, like it a lot. I agree with some that MIDI support could be a bit better, but sounds like that side is getting more love in 6.x. Looking forward to the future with Ardour!