I hope they add ardour production tools

I state that I do not know if this is the right section of the forum.
I believe that after the ineserimento the midi and the various versions 3.x, ardor should start thinking a little bit has to offer tools geared to the production of music, is the future of music is being born of programs for Linux that implement new features , is an illustration bitwig study.
I think it’s time for ardor to grow in the direction of production.
I do not say that I will continue to serve as a tool samplers, modules use the same ardor implemented soundfont, midi keyboards virtual realtime time streach and stuff like that.

@gusta: lets restate what you said just a little. You are talking about the workflow associated with the production of modern pop and dance music. Its not related to the workflows seen when recording folk, jazz, or classical music (whatever those terms actually mean). Its also not related the workflow used to create the music recognized by most people as best recorded music of the last 30-40 years, or the majority of the experimental music created today.

So for this to happen, someone has to have a real interest in supporting the zeitgeist so perfectly represented by ableton live (and now, maybe, bitwig). That someone has to actually be a developer who wants to work on Ardour. Speaking for myself, although some of those tools do have some interes for met, I’m frankly not that interested. I have yet to come across music that I appreciate that owes its form to specific features of what you term “production”. If and when I do, I might get more interested.

Maybe someone else wants to run with this …

@ Paul: I certainly do not want to question your authoritative opinion, but I think some of these tools are not a secondary aspect of the development of a DAW.
take for example a sampler sw, it is true that there qsynt, but it is also true that with an external program whenever she gets a track You must reconnect again if you do not really want all in audio format, plus I find it really fluydshint slow, even when one wants cambiarte sound bank must give it a restart and has little chance of action on the sound, or linuxsampler I never understood how it works. for example, or MIDI keyboard to the virtual own, easy to make arrangements of any kind in around with the laptop.
the midi is the present or the future but also past, in films of the 70 or 80 you can see the clear use of midi (I mean beat street, a film about hip hop when it was still on the funk and explains the birth of rap) can be assigned by the sequencer on a keyboard sample of a song is not a secondary thing at all hours ever … I believe that some similar arrangement would be well advised to floss sw for audio.
an example would be very useful parametric eq on each channel set, and also true that you can use a faster ladspa, but especially now when ardor will run on window is useful to give a complete and very userfreendly.
many sw sync via jack is a very useful thing, but it would be even more useful to try to dismember daw not too many programs as possible and give all built into one, so inconvenient to have to resort to external programs are used only when some special functions , also reducing the amount of CPU used.
there is a large amount of open source programmers out there that I think could use to ardor, and there are many functions that would convenient to utilizatori of ardor …
I do not mean to include dynamic processors, although it would be nice to have them, but the tools alemeno metering of the various parts of the sound (I need one xi bpm example, since for me it keeps track of what’s already done that you do not know your speed) and the eq on the channel would be a small step towards a more powerful ardor … and then all the useful functions that now boasts the ardor You can use, I thank all the development team for the efforts made​​, but I encourage the team to create something even better listening to the demands of the community also. are too many who feel that they have a partition on a PC with window to make music …

@gusta: anybody is free to try to extend ardour to do whatever they think might be valuable. if their code is well designed and the workflow is good and does not get in the way of existing functionality without improving it, it will get merged into the mainstream codebase. i work for cheap, but not for free, and i have my hands full of a long list of other things to do once 3.0 is released.

But everything you've said in your most recent post is covered by ardour3 already, and will only get better as more and better MIDI-driven synthesis plugins appear for Linux. On OS X of course, Ardour can load any existing AU plugin which provides many more "good" synth options.

Regarding history: there was no MIDI in the 1970's. It was first specified in 1982. MIDI was not widely used till later in the 1980's as the first computer based MIDI sequencers got suitable powerful and stable.

In fact I told the story for 70 80 years because I was not sure of the date.

However, plugins and midi shynt have an account, another is the features of daw like you and I am going to ask that either mentioned in the last post: 3 can be used as ardor capinonatore? for me to understand better: import an audio track and asegnare cut individual pieces of the track cut of the keys on a midi keyboard? I do not think I have ever read anything in this direction.
about the virtual keyboard is not yet implemented it?
bpm detector will be implemented? because for me it would be very convenient since many artists for the vocals come directly with the bases exportate and which no one knows the time, (if it can be useful to know a similar function is present in open source for dj mixx sw) …
will be implemented well the parametric EQ on all channels as in most of the daw?
I think that create their own features and tools is the best thing for ardor (as it is understood that as his team sw development, sw is in fact more comprehensive than people are willing to donate …) would be the jump quality of well-made sw sw to the highest level, (not that ardor is low level, as sw is a real bomb :slight_smile: but there are still two or three little things that would make the top, many of which)
not misinterpret the words I am about to write, is probably because the ideas are just too stupid: it would take some of these tools may be developed in lv2 making them compatible with most apps, or even be sold or incorporated only in the paid version or be sold separately … I know that you are stupid ideas that you probably do not agree, but it would be a form of income should not be underestimated, because I think it’s important to have an economic upside from efforts sosteunti … repeat ideas are stupid
one thing I would say instead of believing they are part of the reason is the fact that in the first post I think you make a distinction between the worst music and better music, I think this is wrong, because all the music in its value.

you can only please kindly reply to a question that I have done in the post above?
to simplify copy and glue the part relating to the questions.
"bpm detector will be implemented? i need this meter tool becouse more artist of my study come tu me with the beats that you do not know the bpm (if it can be useful to know a similar function is present in open source for dj sw: mixx) …you can split an audio track and being able to asign of the various keys on a midi keyboard to run ardour like a sampler?
will be implemented well the parametric EQ on all channels as in most of the daw?

I am of the opinion that a third party market place for plugins should be added to Ardour website after the massive work to finish Ardour 3 is complete and the developers can take a breather.
Ardour can take a percentage of the proceeds and this will help fund developers.

I for one would be very happy to pay for a plugin i need. Moreover if buying it help fund the Ardour project.
And best of all it would be an incentive for developers of new plugins or others to port current plugins to Linux VST.
And we will see a greater range of plugins on offer.
A rating and customer feedback functionality can be added.

A case study

FLstudio’s plugin section
Many plugins state
“No FL studio time wasted”
This plugin is made by third party developers.

They also have something like a Juicepack

Maybe Ardour can release something like this.


it s actually hard to encrypt what you write via autotranslator, maybe you can write in your native language and someone in the forum will translate it. i m wondering how paul gets the meaning out of your sentences, but i dont understand a word.