I have just started working on my first proper mixing project in ardour...

I have just started working on my first proper mixing project in ardour. I have been a linux user for all my other computing activities for a few years now but always had winblows and cubase SX handy for my music. I have taken the plunge, switched to ardour and rosegarden and wow! Am really impressed by the quality of the audio engine in ardour and its flexibility also. I do, however, have a couple of issues which I think are probably easy to sort out:

  1. I have a behringer BCF2000 to control the mix. I am able to map controllers to various bits and pieces, but sometimes the buttons (latching ones) do not work as intended. I think this is just a problem I have with programming the BCF. If this is the case, has anyone got a BCF preset that they could send me to show me how they do it?

2)again on the BCF - how do I unmap a control?? I am impressed by the simplicity of the learn system, but when I try to reassign a fader from one channel to another, I can’t, because it just assigns it to both channels! So, is there any way of reassigning faders etc. easily? Also, is there any provision for a bank system whereby the faders control the first 8 channels, then can be switched to channels 9-16 etc?

3)how do I map a button on the BCF to select a channel? i.e so I can then map more controls to send levels, plugin parameters etc.

  1. how do I use the key listen on the gate plugin? At the bottom of the edit window there is a box which says “output select” and in brackets (0=bypass 1=gate -1=key listen, or somesuch) the output you want. In the drop down box, however, only bypass and gate appear. I really need to have a listen feature on the gate. Do you recommend I try a different plugin?

  2. still on the plugins… some of them have a thing that lets you key it to an external input… or at least I think that’s what they do. How do I connect a channel to the key input of such a plugin? Do I have to go right into the jack patching system and do it there?

thanks in advance,

  1. ardour has no preset notion of what controller messages do unless you are using Mackie Control support (which is stll evolving)

  2. i believe this was fixed before we released 2.0 - if you start a new “learn” and cancel it by clicking on the popup window or let it timeout, the old binding is cancelled. which version are you using and on what platform?

  3. you cannot “select” channels with generic MIDI control right now. there is a patch out there that we will probably apply soon that makes the 8 strips on the BCF map to the first 8 visible strips in the mixer window.

  4. which plugin is this?

  5. this is called side-chaining, and like almost all DAWs at present, Ardour does not support it. We do plan to, but I am not sure when. plugin inputs are not represented in the JACK graph, unfortunately.

  1. thanks very much. I was meaning a sysex file to load onto the BCF but I have programmed my own now so that’s no problem

2)ok I have tried that and it works now :smiley: I am using beta12 on suse 10.2 BTW


4)this is the plugin just simply called “gate”

5)yes I realise that it’s not supported many places. I was just wondering twhat the kind of long blank buttons are for on some of the plugins…

I want to bump this thread because I’m having the same issue with the Gate LADSPA plugin.

From what I can tell, Ardour doesn’t allow me to select the “key listen” setting for the output. Maybe this is because the enum for this is “-1” which Ardour doesn’t understand?

Any suggestions? Is this a bug?

(I’m using Ubuntu Studio 8.0.4, but I upgraded Ardour to v2.7.1 from getdeb hoping it would cure this, but it doesn’t)